Beware re-sending these SMSes

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Do not re-distribute SMSes having contents that could cause public unrest or you could find yourself spending time in prison.

This is the message Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan is seriously trying to drive home to the public.

Commenting on the SMSes spread by rumour-mongers on so-called racial clashes in Kampung Baru and Puchong on Sunday, he said police are trying to locate the source but also warned those who received the text, or any other similar-type of texts in future, not to circulate them.

"I cannot say for now but, God willing, we will get the source. I need to remind the public that when you get these kind of SMSes, do not distribute them to other people.

"Because if you do, you can be considered accomplices and face arrest É so please do not do that. If you get such texts just keep quiet or you can ask a police officer, just to confirm it," said Musa.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Saturday advised the public to ignore rumours of possible racial clashes in the national capital (on Sunday) while an irate Musa threatened to use the Internal Security Act (ISA) on the culprits behind the matter for spreading lies.

Meanwhile, police said they were merely prepared for any disturbance to public peace and were not trying to scare people into not attending a talk and video presentation organised by Bersih (Coalition for clean and fair elections) last Friday.

Sabah Commissioner of Police, Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim said police contacted the organiser and told them they could carry out their activity but within the boundaries of the law.

"We informed them of their obligation (and) we had our obligations (to ensure) the event goes on smoothly and without disturbance to peace É that is why police were there," he said.

The opposition had blamed heavy police presence for the poor response at a multipurpose hall in Taman Putera Jaya, Telipok, citing it as intimidation by police on opposition supporters.

Only about 30 people, including Bersih campaigners and opposition party leaders, turned up at the event. Two truck loads of police officers and personnel stood guard outside the hall hours before the event started.

To a question on investigations into the death of Datu Azlan Datu Amir Kahar, the son of Banggi Assemblyman Datuk Amir Kahar Tun Mustapha, Noor Rashid reiterated that it is all now up to the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) to decide on the next course of action.

"The deceased had a heart failure but I informed (the DPP) there was a case of assault.

"The case has been investigated and, within one week, we submitted the Investigation Papers (IP) to the DPP for their decision É that is the fastest murder investigation.

"And police have taken into consideration everything – the victim's and accused's families and witnesses," he said, adding as a police officer he had an obligation to tell the truth.

On the victim's family assertion that foul play was involved, Noor Rashid said: "They can claim anything but the evidence has been presented to the DPP for a decision."