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Bribery in Cameron Highlands

DAP gave RM20 to the voters in Cameron Highland and said it is not bribery but petrol money. The court, however, had earlier ruled that any form of handout to the voters is considered bribery.…

Kembalikan populariti Pakatan Harapan

Kepimpinan Pakatan Harapan (PH) harus kembali ke ‘pangkal jalan’ dengan berusaha melunaskan pelbagai janji pilihan raya, berbanding sibuk memperkukuhkan cengkaman penguasaan kerusi di Parlimen.…

The banker who knew too much

A television programme in 2011 mentioned that Jalil Ibrahim had met Malaysian businessman Mak Foon Than at a hotel before Mak murdered Jalil, carried the body in a suitcase, and disposed it at a…

PPBM is Umno 3.0

PPBM's vice president said the PPBM branch and division leaders need millions to win the elections and government money should be channelled to them