Sue RoS, says Selangor DAP

(MM) - Fed up with being kicked around by the Registrar of Societies (RoS), Selangor DAP urged its central leadership to sue the regulator for attempting to block the party chiefs from making…

Umno’s blitzkrieg and olive branch

Umno unleashed a two-pronged approach to paralyse PAS way ahead of the GE14.(FMT) -  PAS’ organisational structure is also modelled based on the administration of a Syiah majority nation – Iran.

Why not just arrest Mat Sabu?

(Harakah) - If Home Ministry truly believes in the ten evidences they revealed today to conclude that PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu is practising Shia, why not just arrest him?

DAP rubbishes ROS’ claim

The DAP leadership has rubbished claims by the Registrar of Societies that it ceases operation pending a ROS probe on the opposition party. Leven Woon, FMT DAP national organising secretary Anthony…

‘Mat Sabu is the one’

The Home Ministry has come out with a 10-point evidence list to say that PAS deputy president follows Shiite teachings, which is banned in Malaysia. (FMT) - The Home Ministry today revealed that…