Putrajaya must improve communication, described ‘weak’ by observers

PUTRAJAYA’s communication methods are weak and failing to deliver correct information to the public, observers said.

(The Vibes) – They said the government is not delivering the right messages at the right time for maximum impact.

This can be seen in the confusion that often follows government announcements or new policies, such as the recent diesel subsidy cut.

Hisommudin Bakar at Ilham Centre said the administration’s communication is ill-prepared and scattered.

“Look at the announcements about the Central Database Hub (Padu), Program Bantuan Subsidi Madani (Budi Madani), the rationalisation of subsidies, the new prices of eggs… there are no convincing answers to the questions raised by the people,” the political analyst told The Malaysian Insight.

Hisommudin said the government continues to rely on “media buys” with the mainstream media to reach the public when it should be focusing on social media, where an “information war” is taking place.

“Based on Ilham Centre’s data, dependence on social media for information has reached 56% compared to other media. Even the influence of radio, TV, and newspapers has shrunk dramatically,” he said.

“It shows that the psychological battlefield takes place on social media, but the government responds in the mainstream media. These are two fields that are not directly connected. This causes the narrative of the government media to be ineffective.

“The government media is also lacking in creative information compared to social media. Its infographics are not interesting, there is no good video content, and it does not use influential spokesmen.

“In a nutshell, the government’s communication is hollow and weak… it needs to keep up with the trends,” he said.

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