Stop asking in secret for content removal, Putrajaya told

A rights group wants to know how many of these supposedly offending users have been charged in court.

(The Vibes) – MALAYSIA must stop asking TikTok secretly to remove posts or delete accounts of Malaysians, said a rights group today.

Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture (Madpet) said the government should never hide or act in ‘secret’ in violating people’s right to freedom of expression and opinion.

“Be open, inform the alleged perpetrators of the law they broke, and why the government is censoring or blocking these posts/accounts,” said Madpet representative Charles Hector in a statement.

He said this in response to a report that Malaysia made 1,862 demands to TikTok to take down content in the second half of last year, 5.5 times the number six months before.

Based on TikTok’s biannual transparency report, Malaysia made 2,202 take-down requests to TikTok in 2023, a more than 30-fold increase from 70 in 2022, and the most number of such requests from a country in the world.

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