Hamzah, Azmin to clash for number 2 post in Bersatu polls

A source says that having the two leaders in the party’s top posts would augur well for Bersatu.

(FMT) – Bersatu Supreme Council members Hamzah Zainudin and Azmin Ali are expected to vie for the number two post at the party polls in October.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a well-placed source said many of the party grassroots wanted Hamzah, the Bersatu secretary-general, as deputy president, and for Azmin to be elected as one of the two vice-presidents.

In the event that Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin decides to step down, he would be succeeded by Hamzah while Azmin would take over as deputy president, the source added.

The source said that the prospect of a Hamzah-Azmin tag team would bode well for the party.

“With these two warlords working together, Bersatu will be stronger as both of them have very big followings,” the source told FMT.

The deputy president’s post is currently held by Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

According to the source, the general consensus among members was for Hamzah, Azmin and Faizal to compete for the top post.

“But to prevent schisms and conflict, the Supreme Council agreed to give Muhyiddin the mandate to call these three to arrive at a compromise.”

Last week, the Bersatu Supreme Council unanimously agreed that Muhyiddin would remain as president after the party elections.

Hamzah himself had said on April 5 that he would not contest a higher post at the elections without Muhyiddin’s go-ahead.

On Faizal’s prospects, the source said that the former Perak menteri besar lacked strong support from the grassroots due to several “howlers”.

“This includes losing Tambun in the last general election, his less-than-stellar performance as youth and sports minister, and his poor leadership when he was in charge of Negeri Sembilan Bersatu,” the source said.

Faizal had lost the Tambun parliamentary seat to Anwar Ibrahim at the last nationwide polls and was dropped as Negeri Sembilan Bersatu chief earlier this year.

The source also said that Faizal had made “several controversial statements” but gave no further details.

However, the source said that Faizal remained an important figure in Bersatu.

“He has done a lot of work for the party and his contributions must be rewarded, but many are still unsure about where to place him.

“For now, Muhyiddin, Hamzah and Azmin are the best people to lead the party.”