Malaysia cannot afford a compromised prime minister

Foreign intelligence agencies cannot be allowed to catch visiting dignitaries in compromising positions

Murray Hunter

While the Malaysia Ringgit is in freefall, and his ‘Palestine Solidarity Week” under heavy criticism, the prime minister Anwar Ibrahim made a visit to Singapore.

It is very important Malaysian dignitaries never put themselves in compromising situations while overseas, even within their hotel suites. Foreign intelligence agencies are only to eager to carry out espionage operations, including clandestine surveillance and even set up honey-traps to collect evidence of any compromising situations, that could give the host country or certain leaders within it, to take advantage.

These materials could be used in political or policy blackmail, or bribery for the foreign country’s advantage. These materials could even be passed onto local political groups in Malaysia to undermine the government.

China, Russia, the United States, and countries within the MENA, just as the Special Branch does inside Malaysia. These states are eager to compromise foreign dignitaries, if given the opportunity.

This entangles leaders who have become susceptible to bribery, honeytraps, or undertakes any reprehensible activities while abroad.

Espionage is always a possibility while a national leader is overseas.