‘Unemployed’ Rosmah received ‘large sums of money’, says prosecution

(FMT) – The prosecution in Rosmah Mansor’s money laundering and tax evasion case told the High Court that “large sums of money” were deposited into her account despite the fact that she was unemployed.

In an opening statement tendered to the court this morning, deputy public prosecutor Ahmad Akram Gharib said “the sums deposited (were) wholly disproportionate to the accused’s (Rosmah’s) means”.

He said Rosmah, the wife of former prime minister Najib Razak, used the services of Roslan Sohari, the house manager at Seri Perdana at the time, to make the deposits on her behalf.

“It must be said that the monies in question were never disclosed to LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) as required by written law.

“Neither was any income tax ever paid on these monies,” Akram said.

The prosecution further said the money which went into Rosmah’s account was subsequently used to pay for her family’s phone and credit card bills.

Akram also alleged that Rosmah made false statements to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over the money.

“It is the prosecution’s case that her conduct in all the circumstances of the case supports the irresistible inference that the deposits in question were proceeds of unlawful activity.

“As she did not declare the deposits to LHDN, she had also contravened Section 112 of the Income Tax Act,” he said.

Rosmah is facing 12 money laundering charges involving RM7.09 million and five charges of failing to declare her income to LHDN.