Concern grows on DAP’s stance as another Indian member resigns

Former two-term rep D. Kamache’s resignation raises questions of Indian representation

(The Vibes) – The exodus of Indian leaders in DAP continues as former two-term Sabai assemblyman D. Kamache is also leaving the party.

She closely follows the footsteps of veteran party member P. Ramasamy, who quit the party yesterday, citing various issues.

Kamache’s decision has raised questions about the party’s stance on Indian representation and its overall trajectory.

Kamache, who confirmed her resignation yesterday, said it was a hard decision to make but had to be done.

She said it was a result of her belief that DAP no longer embraced the values that initially drew her to the party.

She also expressed her disappointment that Indian leaders lacked a substantial voice within the party’s current framework.

The departure of Ramasamy and Kamache from DAP has ignited discussions about Indian representation within the party.

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