Muhyiddin suing Anwar over Felda debt claim

The former prime minister sues Anwar Ibrahim after the latter failed to apologise over claim.

(FMT) – Muhyiddin Yassin will sue Anwar Ibrahim for defamation over the prime minister’s claim that the Perikatan Nasional government did not write off RM8.3 billion in Felda settlers’ debt.

Muhyiddin said the two documents Anwar produced earlier today did not concern the waiver of the RM8.3 billion owed by settlers, but the issuance of sukuk and revolving credit to Felda.

The former prime minister claimed that this reflected Anwar’s incompetency to helm the top post.

“Since Anwar has failed to issue an unconditional public apology within 24 hours, as stated in my letter of demand, I have instructed my lawyers to file a defamation suit against him,” he said in a Facebook post.

Muhyiddin also said the documents were related to the government guarantee amounting to RM9.9 billion.

“The revelation of the sukuk documents shows that Anwar does not understand the contents of the document that he signed as the finance minister.

“This is dangerous. (I wonder) what other documents or agreements he has signed in his capacity as prime minister and finance minister without understanding or knowing their contents?”

Yesterday, Muhyiddin demanded an open and unconditional written apology from Anwar following the latter’s claim that the Felda settlers’ debts, totalling RM8.3 billion, had never been waived under Muhyiddin’s administration.

He also demanded that Anwar furnish proof that the latter, as the finance minister, had signed a debt waiver in June.

Earlier today, Anwar furnished two documents, a government guarantee issued to Felda and a RM990 million payment instruction from the government to the authority, as proof.