Who is the political mafia threatening PM, unity government?

(NST) – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been urged to disclose the identities of the ‘wealthy people’ who had threatened to bring down the unity government.

Pasir Gudang member of parliament, Hassan Abdul Karim, said those issuing such threats were akin to the ‘political mafia’.

He said the threats could be viewed as a criminal offence as it could affect parliamentary democracy.

“Anwar’s government need not use the police or even the law to face this ‘geng kaya’ (‘wealthy people). Instead, make their identities known so that they can be judged by the public.

“Let the people know who they are. How did they get rich? Were they crony capitalists? Are they approved permit (AP) owners? Were they listed in the Pandora Papers and Panama Papers exposé?

“Do they own large companies which were previously bailed out by the government? Do they have a record of taxi evasion? Do they have any corruption cases,” he told Berita Harian.

Anwar, at an event in Penang on Friday, had disclosed that he had received threats from wealthy folks who were conspiring to bring down the unity government.

Anwar, who did not disclose any names, said he was undeterred by the threats and would continue to fight against corruption.

Hassan, meanwhile, said the wealthy people targeting the prime minister and the unity government form part of the economic elite which until today dominate the political scene.

“They are the ‘kelas kayangan’ (ultra wealthy). They are oligarchs who are afraid and concerned that there will be a structural change, especially in terms of the country’s economic and financial policies, which could threaten their interests,” he said.

Hassan called on government leaders, particularly cabinet ministers, to work hard to ensure that Anwar’s reform agenda is carried through to completion.

“Even as the government is trying to help the B40, M40 and T20 manage the cost of living, these uber wealthy people have to be monitored so that they do not sabotage the economy,” he said.