Hadi Awang: “Safety of non-Muslims will be in jeopardy if they take extreme stance against Islam”

“In the meantime, the victory of the Islamic party in a democratic manner is prevented by all means”

(Focus Malaysia) – ONE wonders if PAS president Tan Sri Hadi Awang is threatening non-Muslims when he headlined his latest social media rant in his Minda Presiden PAS (PAS President’s Insight) column as “Bukan Islam Tidak Selamat Kalau Melampau Terhadap Islam”.

Taking a swipe at non-Muslims for accusing Muslims who struggle to uphold Islamic values as extremist groups, the head honcho of the Islamist party quickly trained his gun at DAP which he claims need to maintain its distance in the party’s extreme politics against Islam, in particular its “green wave” labelling of PAS and the description of PAS as “dangerous”.

“In fact, the more dangerous group is that of extreme non-Muslims who control the economy liberally, suppressing and bypassing the economic journey of Muslims and Bumiputera and attempting to bring down successful Malay corporations down to small traders,” penned the cleric and Marang MP in his latest Facebook post.

“In addition, they also created cartels which contribute to incidences of major corruption that lead to political and economic destruction as well as oppression of the people in regardless of their race.”

Added Hadi who had numerous police reports lodged against him in recent times for his “divisive, extremist and racist politics” for blaming non-Malays/non-Muslims as the biggest group of plunderers, and those who give and receive bribes:

“Now, they are moving towards the political direction of controlling the voters in the (upcoming state) election by approaching Malay parties and resembling the Malays to the extent of establishing parties with Islamic characteristics to break the Muslim Malay voters.”

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