J-Kom: the propaganda unit in the Prime Minister’s Department

(FMT) – J-Kom, the propaganda unit in the Prime Minister’s Department’s work in explaining government policies to the public has been made a lot more difficult by Perikatan Nasional’s (PN) incessant politicking, its director-general, Agus Yusoff, said.

The tasks of J-Kom, which comes under the Prime Minister’s Department, include educating and generating awareness among the public so they stop having an extremist and racist mindset, and respect one another instead.

“The problem is, this duty becomes a challenge when opposition leaders continue to use religious and racial sentiments while attacking Anwar with baseless accusations.

“These people are so angry at Anwar, they are creating gossip to topple him as prime minister under the pretext that the rakyat are already sick and tired of him.

“I’ve no idea who is sick of his leadership, but that is the narrative by his detractors,” said Agus.

He advised them to stop their attacks on the unity government, saying it is difficult for the Sheraton Move to happen again, since the administration has a strong majority in the Dewan Rakyat.

On allocations for the opposition MPs, Agus urged them to negotiate with Putrajaya, similar to what Anwar did when he was the opposition leader.

“Anwar has stated his willingness to negotiate. All that is left is for the opposition to meet him halfway. That’s what he did when he was opposition chief,” he said.