Rafizi’s comments indicates that unity government’s policies are intellectually bankrupt

Murray Hunter

It actually takes a sincere and learned person, particularly a politician to say his predecessor, Mustapa Mohamed should be given the opportunity to assist the Ministry of Economy on issues including, poverty eradication and strengthening the economy. Kudos to Rafizi for this.

Mustapa Mohamed was an evergreen politician and minister, who was known for his hard work. His ideas were conservative, and sometimes criticised for not being consultative enough, but he got the job done. Mustapa was a real technocrat, one of the few in the old Barisan Nasional and Ismail Sabri Yaakob governments.

Rafizi has said he will continue the ministries efforts along the same policy lines as Mustapa did during his tenure as Minister of Economy (in the Prime Minister’s Office). Let’s us hope this is without the NEP.

If this is really the case, then Malaysia didn’t really need a new government after all.

Back in the early 2005, when Thailand wanted to push economic development, then prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra called in all the best economist available to advise the government. They called in the Harvard professor Michael Porter, who applied cluster theory to competitive strategy, the five forces model, value chain model, and competitive strategy. Porter’s ideas were all translated into Thai and all important civil servants were called to the National Stadium for a five night workshop, under lights, with study groups during the day.