PATRIOT: ‘Pak Lebais’ should stop sinful acts, setting poor leadership example

The greed and craving for political power have resulted in the Malay-Islamic political party doing what is strictly forbidden in Islam although they must be aware that what they are doing is grossly wrong.

(Focus Malaysia) – WHAT has gone terribly wrong with a number of Pak Lebais (religiously learned elders) of a Malay-Islamic political party in Malaysia in recent times?

What has made them do and say things that run contrary to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the example of Prophet Muhammad?

Are these Pak Lebais so ignorant about what has been taught to them? Are they thinking that those unlearned in religion are fools?

Have they – having being anointed as Pak Lebais – been taught to look down on others and do they therefore think they can say anything they like about another person? Does the venerated status of Pak Lebai give them the right to do that?

Over the last few months, several Pak Lebais in Malaysia have been summoned to court for fitnah (slander).

PATRIOT president Retired Brigadier General Datuk Mohamed Arshad Raji

Surely, they ought to know that slandering someone is a grievous crime in Islam. In fact, a number of Pak Lebais have lost their cases in court and have been ordered to pay hefty sums to the aggrieved persons.

Despite this, this unwarranted trend boldly and brazenly continues. Are they really God-fearing Pak Lebais or appointed individuals out to prove that their actions will be rewarded by God in the hereafter?

Many are puzzled about how such supposedly learned religious individuals dressed in Arabic outfits, including skullcaps denoting piety, can do and say something that a normal individual wouldn’t.

It appears that no amount of public admonishments and protests can teach these Pak Lebais to live up to what they ought to be – preachers who display exemplary character that their followers could emulate.

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