More non-Muslims than Muslims in unity govt, cries Hadi

Pas president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang decries the structure of unity government stating it consist of more non-Muslims MPs than Muslims.

(Sinar Daily) – In a Facebook post, he said there are 50 non-Muslims and 31 Muslim MPs.

“PH which is leading the current coalition government, has its MPs dominated by non-Muslims,” he said, adding that this is despite the country’s population based on the concept of hadith.

“In addition to naming the coalition government as a unity government even though its establishment deceives the people and the whole world,” he added.

Hadi said the unity government does not have opposition or “the opposition is too small like a mosquito”.

The Marang MP then went on to point out the various ideologies existing in the government with the presence of liberals, left and right-wing extremists as well as opportunists.

Furthermore, he criticised its members whose integrity is questionable as there are ex-convicts, court clusters, figures associated with cronyism and nepotism. He then said of the government, “How far they are from the civil (madani) qualities that are capable of creating positive progress and far from the concept of al-din (the religion) that must be the guideline.”

According to him, the term madani refers to the state of Medina under Prophet Muhammad. Hadi said, “His reign, which was fair to all members of the pluralistic society, including invaders and extreme enemies, made Medina continue to survive and not collapse even after the death of the Prophet.

“The atmosphere and circumstance could stand beyond the death of the Prophet and last for several centuries with the success of establishing an Islamic Civilisation (Hadarah Islamiah) which was contributed by all people (races and ethnicities). Islamic civilisation was successfully shaped through the sharing of knowledge and prosperity, in addition to its influence which is still felt to this day,” he shared.