Umno has lost its ability to accept different opinions – Bastien

(Sinar Daily) – The Umno purge is the result of the party losing its ability to accept differing opinions or criticism.

Umno Youth Exco Bastien Onn said the leadership had a strong grip on the democracy of the party while the grassroots were no longer able to voice out their thoughts through the approved channels.

“All members must now obey the president and the Supreme Council (MKT) because the party is theirs. Those who didn’t agree with them can’t object.

“If they didn’t agree they would be sacked. Any views or different opinions within Umno are no longer needed,” he told Sinar Premium.

Bastien was commenting on the freedom to voice out any concerning issues in Umno, following the recent purge of several notable members such as former Umno youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and the suspension of Sembrong MP Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

“This is why I say Umno is now seen as autocratic.

“It is difficult for Umno to have ‘one voice’. With such a large number of members surely differences would arise, it is impossible for them to agree and have the same opinions as the president and the MKT.

“We have to follow the president’s will, if he wants to postpone (the election), we must follow suit,” he stated.

Meanwhile Kepong Umno Division Youth chief Mohd Hazreq Mohd was of the view that there was still room to voice out matters and the party was still democratic.

“I still believe that the democracy within Umno remains strong.

“The matter just depends on the individual and I believe this party has its rules,” he explained.

Hazreq said the Umno Disciplinary Board Management Committee have done their investigations ‘to the best of their abilities’ before taking actions towards any influential Umno leaders.

“They are influential and they used their personality to stir dissent and divide the party, the only process available was to cleanse the party to curb the growing internal crisis,” he said.