SMS blasts to public in defence of ‘unity govt’ slammed

Several SMS messages in defence of the coalition government led by Anwar Ibrahim have stirred criticism that the communications and digital ministry led by PKR’s Fahmi Fadzil is resorting to mobile networks under its control to push its political narrative to the public.

(MalaysiaNow) – The messages have been received by mobile users across various networks since last week, defending the “unity government”, the phrase that government leaders have used to describe the newfound alliance between Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN).

“The Unity Government is a solution based on the Federal Constitution and the law,” said one message received on a mobile device last week.

Another message on the same topic broadcast this afternoon described the government as represented by MPs from various races and religions, as well as those with “expertise and experience”.

A Bersatu leader slammed the move as “desperate”, calling it an abuse of the network facility by the government.

Dr Muhammaf Faiz Na’aman also compared it to “communist” propaganda tactics to “brainwash the public into accepting the narrative of the government”.

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