It’s proven throughout history that majority may not be right every time

Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

Openly asking me to quit?

I was taken aback by the outburst.

It’s rude, crude and uncalled for.

I will give a measured response tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a comment made by a dap senior member…

That’s the meaning of “tyranny of the majority”. It’s proven throughout history that majority may not be right every time. Even in the USA, democracy has been eroded and democracy has become plutocracy. American democracy has been undermined by the industrial military complex of lobbyists.

Likewise the political elitists in both sides of the Malaysian political divide whether it’s UMNO, PAS, PKR or even our beloved DAP – all of them control the party.

I suppose PKR is the most “democratic” as the members elect the President.

According to my UK friend who is a professor of governance n regular commentator in UK mainstream papers, BBC, ITV n even CNN – he told me our DAP method of voting was practised by trade unions in UK n has been discontinued n deemed illegal. My friend was also an Adviser of the Labour Party which was supported by the Trade Unions.

You don’t need lawyers to understand the law. All you need is a fair minded person to understand fair play n by extension a fair constitution.

Hence, with my experience sitting in the boards n councils of world, regional n Malaysian accountancy bodies – I respectfully disagree with our SG becos in a Federal court decision there are dissenting views- does that mean these judges should be sacked too? They too are lawyers – I rest my case.