PKR could face deregistration – duo stripped of their positions caution

(Malaysiakini) – PKR Youth leaders Mizan Adli Mohd Noor and Mohd Ramly Ahmad, who were stripped of their positions as the wing’s permanent chairperson and deputy permanent chairperson amid factional infighting, have cautioned that the party could face deregistration.

As such, the duo urged the central leadership to thoroughly investigate their removal.

“We demand that the central political bureau immediately investigates this matter professionally and without prejudice, as it concerns its legal status and involves the Registrar of Societies (ROS).

“We do not want PKR to be declared illegal like Umno (in 1988),” Mizan Adli and Mohd Ramly said in a joint statement.

Yesterday, PKR Youth secretary Ahmad Syukri Razab informed the duo, in letters to them, that they would be stripped of their positions due to doubts in their election.

According to the letters sighted by Malaysiakini, manual counting showed that the duo had received more votes than the number of delegates present.

The issue of their age qualification was also raised.

Ahmad Syukri, when contacted, confirmed to Malaysiakini that the letters are authentic.

Mizan Adli and Mohd Ramly have disputed the reasoning for their removal.

They said the election committee had conducted the vote in a disorderly manner and also stressed that the position of permanent chairperson and deputy permanent chairperson were not limited to those aged 35 years and below.

“We will not hesitate to raise this issue in the mass media if the voice of the grassroots is not heard.

“We were elected by the grassroots and this decision should be left to them, not the rigid and narrow-minded leadership that has strayed from PKR’s original ideology,” they said.

This comes amid a tussle between PKR president Anwar Ibrahim’s faction, which does not want party deputy president Azmin Ali to officiate the PKR Youth congress, and Azmin’s faction, which is refusing to budge.

The permanent chairperson and deputy permanent chairperson do not have major roles in the party’s daily operations but are critical figures during a party congress as they will chair the gathering.