Kit Siang, kita orang Umno sokong Zahid dan Najib

Raja Sara Petra

Today, Lim Kit Siang said, “Will Zahid now lead Umno to demonstrate remorse, contrition or repentance among Umno leaders? Or is his return from garden leave merely to ensure that Umno is nothing but a ‘Bossku’ outfit, with him playing the role of ‘Bossku’ proxy, as Najib senses that he might lose control of Umno?”

In response to that, blogger KTemoc Konsiders said, “This has been why I have turned from being once an adulating hero-worshipper of Lim Kit Siang into someone now who is utterly disappointed, dismayed and disgusted by/with his change from being once the nation’s respected senior statesman (albeit from the once-Opposition) who touched on significant issues of deep import into a mere mean mafulat-ish mealy-mouthpiece of his master, Mahathir the Imperator.”

Yes, I could not have put it better than KTemoc. Kit Siang should look into a mirror and ask himself those same questions. Anak dia sendiri takde kes ke? Why is Lim Kit Siang so busybody about Umno’s internal affairs? Do we question him on who DAP appoints as their party leader even though we are of the opinion that we would not trust their leaders to walk our dog let alone run the country. Umno punya pemimpin Umno punya pasal lah. Apesal Kit Siang pulak yang sibuk?

So, Kit Siang does not want Najib Tun Razak as Umno leader and he also does not want Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. So who does he want as Umno leader? Does Kit Siang want Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to return to Umno to lead the party since Kit Siang is the President of the Mahathir Fan Club?

Last time Kit Siang hentam Mahathir sampai berbuih-buih mulut. Now dia pulak junjung Mahathir sampai ke langit. Does Kit Siang want Mahathir to serve his full five-year term as PM till the next GE or does he want Mahathir to step aside before May 2020 and hand the country over to Anwar Ibrahim? Why Kit Siang never say anything? Cakap lah, janganlah diam. Uncle, nak Mahathir ke uncle nak Anwar? Tak payah sibuk pasal Zahid.

We Umno people have no problem with Zahid ending his garden leave and taking back the Umno leadership. Lagi kau kutuk lagi tu kita akan mempertahankan Zahid. Kalau Najib nak balik sekali pun kita boleh terima. Until you can prove Najib is guilty in court beyond any shadow of doubt we consider him innocent, as is Zahid since he has not been convicted yet.

Paham! Itu dipanggil innocent until proven guilty. Maybe DAP does not follow this main principle of justice and the principle of all are equal before the law. Islam pun minta macam tu, tau tak, Kit Siang?