Round-the-clock security watch for Justo


(The Rakyat Post) – Former PetroSaudi International employee Xavier Andre Justo, still under Thai police custody for his alleged involvement in an international corporate espionage-cum-extortion scandal linked to Malaysia’s 1MDB, has been placed under maximum security watch.

“We want to prevent any attempt to dissuade him from cooperating with police investigators,” Royal Thai Police spokesman Police General Prawuth Thanvornsiri said.

“As you are aware, he is an important suspect. So I have instructed to tighten maximum security for the detainee,” he told Bernama today, further denying online portal reports that there had been an attempt on Justo’s life .

“There was no poisoning attempt, but there may be attempts to dissuade him from saying too much,” the Thai police spokesman responded when asked on developments in their investigations into Justo’s activities.

“There has been no attempt yet (to persuade Justo not to talk), but we are not taking any chances.”

While he remained non-committal, Prawuth said: “I don’t know, but there might be someone who may try to dissuade him… there may be an attempt.

“So, to ensure maximum security, our men have been instructed to be present whenever Justo has a visitor, and this too has been restricted to certain individuals only.”

And, Prawuth added, in the case of such a high profile suspect, it was safe to assume that there would be attempts (to dissuade him) by some of his visitors.

“Therefore, we have restricted Justo’s visitors to only certain individuals. We do not just let anyone to visit him.”

“Normally, officials at the correctional detention centre monitor and manage all visitors, but we (police) have informed them (correctional officials) to exercise extra caution as Justo is a high profile suspect.

“We have reminded them that not everyone should be allowed visiting rights,” Prawuth explained.

He was not able to confirm when investigations would be completed, nor when charges would be preferred.