Shahbudin: Najib, Rosmah’s bank accounts double trouble


(FMT) – “Are these old savings or a sign of love from Najib? If the latter, from where did Najib get the monies and how did he secure them? Or, is the source from elsewhere which only Rosmah knows?”

The issue that arises again in the wake of Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail confirming that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had two bank accounts at AmBank and the latter’s refusal to give a simple Yes or No answer, is once again hogging the limelight, notes a political analyst.

Also, The Sarawak Report has since released documents showing that monies entered the bank account of Rosmah Mansor, Najib’s wife, between 10 February and 23 April this year. “So far, the documents show RM2 million.”

This has now become a husband-and-wife scandal, said Shahbudin Husin. “For years, it was the KLCC and Putrajaya which were our pride. Now, we have to take ‘pride’ in this scandalous husband and wife pair.”

Najib had two issues and one has been answered by the AG, said the analyst i.e. whether he has or had bank accounts with AmBank private banking services, as alleged by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in a report last Friday; while the other question is whether extraordinarily large sums of monies entered these accounts, as stated by the American newspaper.

“Initially, when the AG said that none of the six frozen bank accounts belong to Najib, his supporters were very happy and were quick to point the fingers of blame at WSJ,” said Shahbudin Husin. “Then, they fell silent, when the AG came back a day later to confirm that Najib did indeed have two accounts with AmBank. They were not frozen because they were closed on 30 August 2013 and 9 March this year.”

Now what remains, he added, was whether extraordinarily large sums of monies entered these accounts as alleged by WSJ. “This is where the Task Force has to do its work and make the findings public.”

Also, he stressed, questions arise: “Why were these accounts closed?” Were these accounts also closed in order to evade making tracing (movement of funds) difficult? Were these accounts closed because the funds were transferred to other accounts, invested, the funds exhausted, or are they being kept in cash somewhere?”

“These questions are among the most interesting ones now that the AG has also confirmed that documents relating to Najib’s closed accounts have been seized.”

Elsewhere, it will be difficult to deny the Sarawak Report as the details are very clear and complete. “Rosmah doesn’t seem to be the ordinary housewife as presented by her aides so far. Where did she get the funds to deposit in her bank account?”

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