Salleh: Umno will fall – by Mahathir’s doing


Sabah speaker apes Chedet blog, says former premier will weaken the party and worsen the situation

(Free Malaysia Today) – Sabah speaker Salleh Keruak, in a blog article that parodies the writing style of Mahathir Mohamad, has turned the tables on the former prime minister by warning that it is Mahathir who will weaken Umno and Barisan Nasional and cause it to fall.

Salleh aped Mahathir’s format of point-by-point numbered paragraphs, Mahathir’s one-word headlines, as well as the short, staccato sentences that the former premier uses.

He also repeated Mahathir’s constant warnings that Umno and Barisan Nasional were in danger of losing the general election — but this time, it was Salleh who is warning party members, and it is Dr Mahathir, not current Umno president Najib Razak, who is being blamed as the cause of Umno’s weakness.

To make the point clear, Salleh said Mahathir had a hidden agenda in attacking 1Malaysia Development Bhd for its financial difficulties.

And he warned Umno members not to be trapped by one side’s views.

Salleh wrote:

“5. Tun M has even predicted that BN will lose the upcoming GE if the issue (of 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s financial difficulties) is not resolved. Therefore, the support shown for the president of UMNO by the divisional leaders is meaningless if BN fails.

6. In my opinion, Tun M’s blog entry seems to have a hidden agenda. The purpose is to topple Najib and his strategy is to keep up the pressure on the PM.

7. After reading Tun M’s blog, I feel that Umno is the one that stands to lose from all this. I say this because of the waning support for Umno which will worsen the situation. BN and Umno will become weak and this in turn will make the government unstable.

8. Therefore, members of BN and Umno should be more open-minded and not blindly accept any views. It should be analysed, filtered and compared to that of others.”

Salleh then makes clear where he stands. Under the headline “Tun M”, he reiterates Najib Razak’s warnings in Kedah on Saturday about trouble-makers in the party and the need to be rid of them.