After Tuan Ibrahim rejects nomination, PAS grassroots now eyeing others for top post


PAS grassroots leaders are now shifting their focus to other possible contenders for the party presidency, including former vice-president Ahmad Awang, following Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man’s decision to decline his nomination to compete for the president’s post.

Kota Baru PAS chief, Datuk Wan Abdul Rahim Wan Abdullah (pic) said Tuan Ibrahim’s decision not to contest has opened the doors for other leaders to take on incumbent PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang in the party polls in June.

‎”I understand that at least 15 divisions in Johor will nominate other candidates to become the PAS president,” Wan Rahim told The Malaysian Insider.

“‎I am confident that an ulama (cleric) will be chosen as a candidate, after Tuan Ibrahim declined the nomination, and one of them will be Ahmad Awang,” he said, referring to the 79-year-old veteran who was also a Shura Council member for nearly 15 years.

On Monday night, Wan Rahim, who is also the PAS deputy elections chief, announced Tuan Ibrahim as the Kota Baru division committee’s candidate to vie for the Islamist party’s top post.

They said Tuan Ibrahim’s nomination would appease warring factions within PAS and unite the party, which is currently split between those who want to continue political cooperation with Pakatan Rakyat and clerics who want PAS to chart its own path.

Wan Rahim said Tuan Ibrahim had been nominated because he was from the ulama group and was also liked by Hadi.

‎But the party vice-president declined the nomination, saying that he was not worthy to take on his leader.

Tuan Ibrahim said the “unprecedented” challenge for the top post was not good for party unity, and instead pledged full support to Hadi.

He said the presidency had never been challenged throughout the history of PAS, especially during the era of the ulama.

This Saturday, PAS’s Parit Sulong division in Johor will be the first in the state to hold divisional meetings ahead of the June assembly.

It is also expected to nominate another contender for the post of president.