Water deal: Azmin made a major mistake says Zaid


Zaid Ibrahim says it will take a long time before another viable deal on water can be put together

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim has said that the Selangor menteri besar has made a “major” mistake in calling off the water deal signed between his predecessor and Putrajaya in September 12, 2014.

In a tweet just hours ago, Zaid said: “Azmin(s) first mistake but a major one. He should have allowed water deal (to) go through. He must know it takes time to do another deal.”

Yesterday, it was reported that Azmin Ali explained the water deal fell through because the Selangor state government was unwilling to give Putrajaya for free, the land where the water pipes were located.

“They want the land for free, the land does not belong to them. What was stated in the agreement and agreed upon by both sides was to handover the assets owned by the concessionaires,” Azmin maintained.