Decrying Isma’s warped version of patriotism


What is your idea of patriotism? And how narrow-minded do you have to be to believe that your concept is better than ours?

Micha Chan, FMT

It isn’t enough that university students have to take compulsory classes on how to be Malaysian, or how to be morally upright – Isma leader Mohd Hazizi Abd Rahman has now suggested that they must learn how to be patriotic before being eligible to enter public universities, or be awarded education loans and scholarships.

Hazizi makes an amazing point – these are hard times the country is experiencing and instead of standing up and defending the government, Malaysians have had the audacity to make unpatriotic statements and question issues like the impending GST, the financial troubles of 1MDB, even why a politician’s sodomy case was politicised.

As far as Isma is concerned, these statements are seditious. Akin to treason. In Isma’s eyes, if the government has flaws, that is all the more reason to love them. They’re only human after all.

Malaysians must understand it is wrong to question why a privileged few are allowed to speak freely against other races with impunity, or at the very most suffer a slap on the wrist and/or get help from top political figures who go out on a limb to justify their hurtful statements.

Malaysians must understand that the status quo cannot be questioned. Don’t like the racial policies in place? Too bad. Nobody asked you to be born here. Go back to whatever country your grandparents came from, although you have absolutely zero in common with your supposed motherland anymore.

Malaysians must understand it is not acceptable to have differing views from that of leaders in positions of power. They’re in power for a reason – which absolutely isn’t nepotism, cronyism or political power-mongering, just in case you’re wondering – so therefore, everything they say is right.

Malaysians must understand that all ultra kiasu are ignorant; they talk nonsense, and therefore their views are unimportant.

It matters not that too many of our students graduate from university with half-baked language skills and are pretty much unemployable because we don’t train them to deal with the high standards the rest of the professional world calls for, or to even hold a passable conversation in English.

Our education system is world-class, and seditious traitors in the country must not forget that.

In short, let us tell you what to say. What to think. What to feel. And what to wear.

Here’s what I think: stop trying to make our universities your propaganda outlets.

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