UMNO hiding behind racial tension to protect Najib?

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

The more the Najib administration is going about its irresponsible ways, the more Umno feels compelled to defend it. Instead of correcting Najib to govern in a way that placates the Rakyat’s anxieties, Umno chose instead to dance to the age-old tune of calling for the protection of the UMNO government as it is synonymous with protecting Malay survival.


After ruling the country for 57 years, the Malays are worse off not only maybe materially but in self-esteem and trustworthiness. Are Malays still obliged to feed this crocodile? Let’s play along that the main cause of Malay relative backwardness is caused by other races’ ill-intent. If that is true, surely a government that we elected to depend on can be relied on to thwart this mischief?

If they can’t do it after 57, years that means they are bloody stupid idiots.

Maybe they are not stupid. Just too smart for the Malay masses. Because in spite of Malay general backwardness, quite a few Malays are being driven in flashy cars and having expensive properties abroad. And million-ringgit weddings. One is coming up soon! Things must be right for them!

The positive results of the New Economic Policy? Maybe some are, undoubtedly. Inspite of the tough non-Malay competition. But if we are honest with ourselves, quite a bit of that conspicuous wealth are ill-gotten. Ranging from a lowly forestry officer alleged to have RM4 million in the bank and even a government housing officer sucking money from Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin applicants. Too numerous to cite here, it’s sickening.

The more sophisticated are also numerous. How is that you paid 170% tax on your new car but the receipt from the car company shows only a few thousand ringgit were actually paid as tax? Actually your new car is declared as a used car just because it was sent for some souping up elsewhere abroad. It’s a loophole that can easily be spotted, but that’s how the people concerned and the people whom we entrust with state excise make their wealth. Of course, only some type of Malays can import cars.

The biggest scam is despicable. All we know is that all sons of recent Prime Ministers are born geniuses. Some amassing billions in just a few years. Of course, they got them legally. Ahem, but morally? Like negotiated tenders and what not. It’s a part of the Malay culture  now to accept this anomaly. What choice have we got? Surely we are not expected to knock down our government to the detriment of our own race. And let the non-Malays exploit the situation? After all, the non-Malays are our bigger adversaries, we are told.

So every time the government of the day is challenged for doing idiotic things, we Malays are expected to rally around to protect it.

Bila tersepit kita dia cari 

Bila bercakap berating-api

Sepuluh jong masuk, apa pun tak jadi 

Kita dapat tempurung, dia dapat isi

I bet you many of the people on stage at the Malay unity rally are the very people to be blamed for Malay backwardness. But we choose to look elsewhere. Of course, the givers of bribes are probably non-Malays. They are the ones with the money. So what? Isn’t the way to beat these people is to say no? Instead of screaming Malay unity?

Why can’t UMNO correct itself? Because the pot cannot call the kettle black! They come in all shapes and sizes, reformist or not, pure Malays or celup, aristocrat or educated.

Now that the biggest hurdle for change is in jail and struggling with the mosquitoes, Malays are freer from all that hypocrisy to go forward.

Enough is enough.