Will Najib do right by the people come March 8?

Aspan Alias

The finest thing for him to do is to announce his retirement.

Aspan Alias

This March 8, there will be an assembly of about 170 Umno division heads, a congregation to show solidarity with Najib, whose support from ordinary people like you and me is fast dwindling. Najib is experiencing a leadership crisis at a level never experienced by any previous prime minister. He is probably hoping the assembly will repress the incessant calls by many quarters for him to retire and live in repentance ever after.

The pressure for Najib to resign is swelling. To some, he has only one choice, and that is to resign promptly, failing which he will face the grave consequence of being forced out by whatever other means by pressure groups that are working full time to ensure that he leaves, if possible instantaneously. At the moment, Najib is managing the country like a grieving father who has lost all his children. No one from the Cabinet is going out in the open to protect his leadership.

If the report of a Cabinet rejection of his proposal to bail out 1MDB for RM3 billion is true, then this is another big setback for the ailing premier as it can be construed as a head-on rebellion against his leadership, or at least a vote of no confidence. If that is the case, Najib is now a spent force technically and he has no reason to stay on as Prime Minister.

Right now Najib is unable to focus on governing. He has to spend all his efforts on saving his premiership. He has to concentrate his energies on playing personal politics, leaving him no time for the people.

He has lost all direction in steering the government. If he still wants to continue loitering in Putrajaya, he and the other Cabinet members will have to take responsibility for any adverse consequence the country will face.

If Najib goes, the entire Cabinet must go with him as they are equally liable for all the horrors the country is facing. The magnitude of evils committed by the current government is so alarming that only radical change will undo them.

The people are tensely waiting to hear what Najib will say at the March 8 gathering. Will he ask the Umno division leaders to defend him in his position? Or will he read a glowing, self-written testimonial of his supposed successes?