PKR says PAS still keeping hudud bills under wraps

Johari Abdul

(Malay Mail Online) – PAS has yet to share its hudud bills with its Pakatan Rakyat allies despite demands made during the last presidential council meeting, PKR’s  Datuk Johari Abdul said today.

The Sungai Petani MP saidit was not possible to discuss PAS’s plan to enforce the Islamic penal law in Kelantan without the Islamist party revealing what the plan entails.

“We want to see first. Let’s see the bill and then we debate. Very unfortunate for me to debate something that we don’t know,” he said at a press conference at the PKR headquarters today.

“And when we say ‘explain to us’, I don’t mean three of four of us but all of us and the rakyat,” he added.

PAS will table amendments to the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Code Enactment II 1993 in the state legislative assembly on March 18.

It is also expected to table two private members’ bills in Parliament next month, which are aimed at removing constitutional obstacles currently preventing it from enforcing the hudud law that it enacted in Kelantan back in 1993.