Rakaman Audio Mat Sabu Mahu Gulingkan Hadi Awang


SEE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymqUFtafu40


Transcript of alleged Mat Sabu audio clip

In these two to three days I will try to “counter attack” by meeting individuals. Yesterday, I went to the Tanjong Karang to meet the YDP. Met Sungai Besar, met the YDP and a few committee members.

In general the president is regarded as “ulama hebat” (great ulama) and “maksum” (a person who commits no sins) has to be obeyed.

When we gave detailed explanations about what happened at the meetings, decisions made regarding Selangor, to them, they hear it through “hearsay”.

They had not received the correct information all the way to the bottom.

To me, this “counter offensive” move should be started in the next month or two.

Not through ceramah, not through blogs, but through the leaders who may become representatives. In short, we see that they are leading.

Unidentified person: What was the result of the meetings.

Mohamad Sabu: Ha?

Unidentified person: When you spoke to Tanjong Karang and Sungai Besar, what did they …

Mohamad Sabu: Can see that they were beginning to doubt, doubt the information they had received all this while.

For example, they could not accept when I described the Syura council’s statement that was made out of the central committee as being their personal views.

I said yes, when syura leaves the eyes of the council it becomes a personal view. The decision of the council was the decision of jemaah (delegation).

When we get to the delegates appointment part, it gives counter effect on them.

Looks like the counter I made in Perak, met Gopeng …