Our hope for the truth hangs on the words of a convicted murderer?

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

The way Pas and DAP are treating Sirul Azhar Umar like a victim celebre is sickening. The man, by his own confession to the investigators, is a cold-blooded murderer, whether or not he was directed to do so and by whom!

Of course, if he can prove his finger-pointing, so much the better for us! But are we naive enough to think that it is going to be a straight-forward B-movie type of finger-pointing? The most that he can say is he did it under orders from his higher-ups.

Do you think such a murderous organisation does not have a ‘standard operating procedure’ that protects the one giving the said orders from being identified? Even if he does reveal a name, that person identified will then will say he is under orders, and so on and so on, until the buck stops at the Minister of Home Affairs or the Prime Minister then?

They use a code, sir! Surprise! Try to break that code in a court of law law and we will have a trial much longer than Anwar’s. Let’s try it, anyway! It will be fodder for a rumour-mongering society with an armchair theorist at every teh tarik table.

Nobody put a gun on Sirul’s head. He chose to be an assassin and he will pay for it. He could have walked away or chose a different career. He did not. Irrespective of it being a uniformed unit, the victim was a civilian. It was extrajudicial killing. He should be treated as a scum of humanity.

So now he wants to earn a few bucks to leave behind for his children. And for us to have a continuing saga to pin our hopes against those whom we hate. No wonder comics sell.

While we are at it, let us consider that the promoted narrative about Altantuya’s murder would have served a certain group’s interest too! That would have qualified as a theory at the teh tarik stalls too. Not a straight-forward “Let’s get rid of the pain” by the current favourite villain as in RTM’s Drama Minggu Ini, but a more exciting “Let’s make their pain bigger” by a rival group that will benefit from this episode!

Now let’s spice up the latter theory with questions like, “Who was overall in charge of the reins of power? Was C4 a standard issue of our Ministry of Defence or of our Ministry of Home Affairs? The Immigration Department which blanked out Altantuya’s traveling details was under which ministry? The current popular narrative was promoted very efficiently by the mainstream press are normally are lackeys for who? Was Sirul’s unit an Armed Forces unit or a policeman’s unit?”

Finally, the added narrative about the explosion site which got Raja Petra Kamarudin into a bit of inconvenience were the words of a serving No. 2 in a spook organisation who conveniently left Raja Petra high-and-dry in spite of promising to “surface with that truth” the next day. Lucky that Raja Petra statutorily declared that they were the words of that officer.

Nevertheless that narrative were already out in the public domain, which was the primary intention. The resulting public opinion was expected to be against someone from holding the highest office in the land. Where is that officer now? Mmm….

The only thing we can expect to hear from Sirul that is of significance is an allegation that our trusted protectors have been involved in such extra-judicial extermination. How disgraceful, if true. Maybe that is why Sirul lamented “not that he does not love the police…..”

Whatever it may be, let’s never lose track of the fact that Sirul took somebody’s life . Let’s treat his words with tons of litmus. It is scums like him that are villains or heroes of human conflicts. He always had a choice.

Happy mongering!