Karpal and the sex lives of politicians


Looking back on how Karpal brought up Vijendran and Anwar in Parliament

KS Lee, Free Malaysia Today

It is natural that Karpal Singh’s sons should feel affronted that their late father has been said by the lead prosecutor, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, to be the person to throw the first stone in the Anwar Ibrahim saga.

Shafee Abdullah also said in this context that Karpal Singh was a brilliant lawyer, a fact with which Karpal’s sons and most Malaysians would agree readily.

Being the brilliant lawyer and parliamentarian he was, Karpal never would have directly accused Anwar, then the Deputy Prime Minister, of sexual misconduct. Even with parliamentary immunity, Karpal was too seasoned a politician to have made a direct accusation.

According to Gobind Singh Deo, “a statutory declaration about Anwar’s sexual misconduct was handed to Karpal Singh and he was asked to raise the matter in Parliament.”

It was Anwar’s driver Azizan, who allegedly was sodomised by Anwar, who gave the statutory declaration to Karpal. But it was not by chance, for Karpal had also met Umi Hafilda together with Azizan prior to being given the statutory declaration.

Karpal started the ball rolling and provided the fodder for the government to start an investigation.

It must be borne in mind Anwar was a member of Umno and the Deputy Prime Minister. So an attack on him was warranted.

Rumours about Anwar’s sexual dalliances had been circulating for a long time and Karpal by bringing it up in Parliament with some nature of evidence forced the government to act. If there was a political conspiracy, Karpal and DAP must be credited with being the genesis of Sodomy I.

Many would not have forgotten how Karpal dramatically produced the Vijendran sex tapes in Parliament in 1992. The tapes, which were thought to be destroyed at the directive of the then Attorney General Abu Talib, miraculously reappeared in the hands of Karpal. Apparently dropped into his post box!

And Karpal went on to suggest that this tape be watched in Parliament! But years later in 2008, when sex tapes allegedly involving Anwar and a prostitute emerged and was screened at Carcosa, it was Karpal who was insistent those responsible be prosecuted.