Ex-IGP, activist deny Anwar trial conspiracy claim


Businessman’s account of meeting ‘a complete lie’ says anti-crime activist Sanjeevan

(Free Malaysia Today) – Anti-crime activist R Sri Sanjeevan has denied being part of an alleged attempt to subvert the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case, while the former Inspector-General of Police, Musa Hassan, denied trying to find out about any conspiracy to convict opposition leader Anwar who is now serving a five-year jail sentence.

In a statement today, Sanjeevan described the allegations made by a businessman that he had asked Jude Pereira who is the investigating officer of the case to subvert the trial as “a complete lie”.

Sanjeevan acknowledged that he had met Pereira in April 2013, just before the general election. The meeting was arranged by Musa, then patron of the MyWatch group which Sanjeevan headed.

“I wish to state that it is a complete lie to suggest that there was an attempt to subvert the trial,” he said, according to Malaysian Insider.

“The meeting was to confirm from Jude himself whether there was a conspiracy in Anwar’s case, however, unfortunately since Jude was not willing to go on record, it ended there. I have never met nor contacted Jude since then,” he said.

The article claimed that Sanjeevan had said that he was close to Anwar Ibrahim, but Sanjeevan said Anwar had nothing to do with the meeting, adding that it was his own effort to find out the truth about the sodomy case.

“There was no attempt to subvert the trial as this meeting happened after Anwar was acquitted in January 2012 and the trial was over. I should have known better than to trust these two individuals i.e., Musa Hassan and Jude Pereira,” he was quoted as saying.