I.O. of Sodomy 2 case claims he was asked to fabricate proof

Raggie Jessy

(NST) – Controversial blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has posted an article written by one Raggie Jessy (pic), a businessman, who alleged that Jude Pereira, the investigating officer of the Sodomy 2 case, had claimed that he was asked to subvert the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial.

The article detailed Raggie’s personal encounter with the deputy superintendent of police.

Jude referred to Raggie as a friend in the former’s Facebook page where the blogger’s article was linked.

He said he met Pereira at his residence in Ipoh, where the latter related his experience to him explicitly “almost as if it had happened the day before”

Raggie said he was shocked to learn of a “possible element of complicity” that seemed to involve Anwar and two other high-profile personalities.

“I then persuaded Jude to let me publish the account for the benefit of the nation. Jude cautioned me of the then ongoing litigations that had to do with Sodomy 2 and another case he was involved with”.

Raggie said it was because of this that he decided not to pursue the matter any further then.

“Then, almost as soon as the verdict on Anwar’s Sodomy 2 appeal was read out by Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria some days back, Jude and I communicated with each other over the phone on the prospects of an expose that would relate his (Jude’s) account to the public, without fear or favour,” Raggie wrote.

He also said Jude claimed to have been asked by a third party supposedly representing Anwar to make a press statement to say that there had been a conspiracy in his investigation against the opposition leader.

Jude also claimed that the man told him that he would be taken care off.

Raggie said Jude told him that he refused to do so, saying his investigation showed no conspiracy.

“Then, he asked me whether I can just say that there was government’s interference during investigations, to which I responded in the negative too.

“I then suggested that if they wanted me to help out in any way, at best I could say that I respected the High Court’s decision to acquit DSAI (Anwar) and wished him well.

“He then proceeded to call Anwar with his handphone to inform him that I was there with him. He then gave the phone to me, requesting that I talk to Anwar… I just wished him well for the elections and told him that I was not able to say what the man had wanted me to say,” Raggie said quoting Jude adding that Anwar then replied that it was alright.

Raggie also said the middleman then suggested that Jude wrote down “something mild” for him to say to the press in support of Anwar.

He was ready to call the press in the morning if Jude had agreed, Raggie said, adding that Jude was then asked to go to a new hotel in KL Sentral and meet a person who would show him what the man he had met earlier had written on his behalf, for him to give to the press the next morning.

The man then told Jude that he would be well protected in the hotel and that the latter could stay at the hotel for the night.

Raggie said Jude went out of curiosity to see how far it would go.

Quoting Jude, Raggie said, “I (Jude) reached the new hotel at KL Sentral at about 8pm. At the lobby, I met a bearded Indian Muslim man and another person sitting at a table… I introduced myself and said that I was with the middleman earlier, and that I was to see them.

“They told me that they were assisting Anwar in the elections… The bearded man had already drafted a letter and asked me to read it, and that if I agreed to it, they would call the press in the morning. I was completely shocked after reading a passage of about 100 words, which said that I was the investigating officer and that Anwar was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him.

“The passage made me look like a fool and would have thrown my integrity down the drain after all my hard work. I refused to subscribe to their request and just walked away from the hotel,” Jude was quoted as saying.

Jude allegedly told Raggie that he drove back to his house in Ipoh the very same night, regretting that he had ever met the middleman and his friends, whom he said had intended to exploit him for their needs.

In response to Raggie’s article, Jude last night said “This is the truth and no matter what criticism is hurled against me I have no reason to fear as the truth will always prevail.

“Thanks to Raggie Jessy a friend indeed!”