“Unity-Government” talk in London: the non-fiction version


I refer to an article written by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) (http://www.malaysia-today.net/anwar-screwed-dap-hadi-screwed-pkr/) relating to an arranged meeting between PAS President DS Abdul Hadi Awang and the Vice President of UMNO, DS Zahid Hamidi that supposedly took place in London. My name was also implicated as one of the attendees in the above meeting.

I can confirm that the meeting was slated to be held at The Landmark London Hotel. However, it should be stressed that the meeting was arranged with prior knowledge by all parties related. There was no element of ‘trap’ and ‘surprise’ for the so-called meeting between them. Let me relate some factual errors written by RPK and some other parties;

1.    The London meeting was arranged without any malice and ill intention. Prior to the London meeting I contacted DS Zahid relating to an urgent Palestinian issue in his capacity as Advisor to The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM) in which myself and Saifuddin Nasution of PKR are members on the Board of Directors of PCOM. DS Zahid informed me that he is now in UK attending a short course. As it was an urgent matter, I duly told him that I will be travelling to London with DS Abdul Hadi together with his Political Secretary, Dr. Ahmad Samsuri to attend meetings and student gatherings that was scheduled a few months in advance.

2.    I contacted Dr. Ahmad Samsuri on the possibility of meeting DS Zahid while we are in London to resolve a very urgent matter relating to the Palestinian cause. The quick reply given to me by Dr. Ahmad Samsuri was that DS Abdul Hadi who is also on the Board of Al-Quds Foundation Malaysian Chapter, has agreed to meet DS Zahid in London to discuss matters relating the urgent Palestinian issue. So, it is dead wrong to assume that ‘The purpose of the meeting was not revealed’.

3.    Nothing peculiar about Selangor ‘unity government’ was discussed between us. A set date, time and place at The Landmark London Hotel was arranged without any hiccup. On that date, I was waiting for DS Abdul Hadi and Dr. Samsuri at the hotel lobby. When they arrived, I was informed by Dr. Samsuri that DS Abdul Hadi was not feeling well and unable to attend the meeting. Thus, PAS Secretary General, Dato Mustaffa Ali was assigned to represent DS Abdul Hadi. There was no ‘element of surprise’ as claimed by RPK because they were well informed that I will be waiting for them at the hotel lobby and that DS Zahid will be at the hotel.

4.    I will be more than happy if I have the privy to inform the general public about the details of the meeting that took place between myself, Dato’ Mustafa Ali, Dr Ahmad Samsuri, DS Zahid Hamidi, and Saifuddin Nasution of PKR. DS Zahid Hamidi was disappointed when Dr Samsuri told him that DS Abdul Hadi was unable to attend the meeting, as DS Zahid Hamidi had travelled from outside London and was not informed earlier about DS Hadi’s absence.

5.    However, as far as I can relate, there was no such discussion on ‘unity talk’ that took place during the meeting between us. It was short, casual, and nothing sinister. There was no prior planning to have lunch at the Hotel as claimed by RPK.

6.    To reiterate, there was no such Selangor State ‘Unity Government’ discussion being put on the agenda from the very beginning by all parties. If the intended meeting was all about so-called ‘unity government’, it will be more appropriate for DS Abdul Hadi as the PAS President, to deal directly with the Prime Minister, DS Najib Tun Razak rather than going through a third party individual like DS Zahid Hamidi or even Saifuddin Nasution. DS Abdul Hadi does not have to travel all the way to London just to meet DS Zahid to discuss ‘Unity government’ as wrongly claimed. In fact, I believe that DS Abdul Hadi himself has easy access to meet DS Najib at any time and any place.

7.    The London meeting is not about who screwed who! It has nothing to do with Selangor State ‘Unity Government’ talks. The main agenda is about the Ummah, and the core Palestinian issue that PAS, UMNO, PKR or any other party can sit, discuss together, and come to an agreement.

8.    Let me stress that I together with DS Abdul Hadi have met DS Najib on several occasions for the past few years. It has nothing to do with so-called ‘unity government’ talks which I consider a trivial issue that has been widely politicized by many parties, as compared to the issues of the Ummah, the future of Palestine and the Holy Mosque, Masjid Al Aqsa.

I hope by issuing this statement, we can put to rest the amateurish writings by RPK or any other parties that make baseless and gibberish claims relating to the so-called ‘unity government’ talks in London.

Dr. Syed Azman Syed Ahmad
Head of Foreign Affairs PAS