Why can’t those who are uncircumcised quiet down? – Ridhuan Tee


(Malaysian Digest) – “Isn’t it odd, the sermon was directed to the Muslims, so why can’t those who are uncircumcised (non-Muslims) quiet down,” asked controversial preacher, Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah when questions were thrown with regards to a Friday sermon held by Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS), recently.

In reference to the Penang MP who questioned JAIS’ sermon, titled ‘Aurat: Of Freedom and Dignity’, he deemed her as an ignorant and ‘kiasu’ woman who has crossed the limits when in fact it’s beyond her jurisdiction to do so.

“This is what happens when an ignorant person speaks beyond her expertise. Sometimes, even experts lose out too when in court (ICJ).

“In brief, don’t be a smart aleck or act like a ‘know-it-all.’ It’s damaging to your own faith.

“The rape issue has yet subsided, and still, this ‘ultra kiasu’ Penang MP made statements relating the rape to JAIS’ Friday sermon two weeks ago,” he said in his writing ‘Bila Si Jahil Berbicara’ in the Sinar Harian daily today.

Last Friday, JAIS urged Muslim women through its Friday sermon to cover their ‘aurat (parts of the body)’ in avoidance of being physically or mentally harassed, insulted, gain a bad reputation and bestowed upon bad things.

The sermon also put emphasis on encouraging women to cover their aurat to avoid incidents like rape, pre-marital sex, and incest.

Penang Women Exco Chong Eng however ridiculed the sermon, criticising that it detailed false information about rape allegedly putting blame on the victims, also showing that Muslim men are one-sided in being leaders.

“The message to cover their ‘aurat’ does not help women from being victims of sexual assault and abuse,” she said.

Commenting further on the issue, Ridhuan, who is also Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin’s Research Institute for Islamic Products and Civilisation (UniSZA) lecturer said that the ‘ultra kiasu’ Eng didn’t think rationally before giving her thoughts.

Ridhuan also questioned a few people who ‘kept mum’ without taking any action against Eng.

“For those who understood, the message of the sermon was clearly in good faith of protecting women’s dignities. Why were MCA, Gerakan and the rest silent? They never accused this woman of being racist?

“If it was ‘us’ (the Muslims), we’re all racists. But when it comes to them (non-Muslims), it’s called rights,” he said.

Ridhuan however did not deny the fact that it doesn’t make a woman who covers her aurat less exposed to rape, but insists that in Islam, it acts as a precaution.

“Of course covering your aurat doesn’t totally guarantee your safety. Rapists don’t choose their victim.

“Our religion is more about taking precaution. If a woman covers her aurat and is raped, then it’s already fated.

“I won’t deny that women of the same race as me (Chinese women) are being raped less. Most of them engage in pre-marital sex or have sex in their own free will.

“Like and proceed. If not, leave. That’s what happens to my relatives. That’s why there’s no such thing as rape,” he said.