Rudyard Kipling couldn’t stop the twain coming together?

Azmin and Dr M

KTemoc Konsiders

Do you recall last year, following the poisonous Selangor MB debacle, a foul festering fetid leftover of some rancid Satay, Dr Mahathir supported Azmin Ali as the new MB, saying he hoped there won’t be a vote of no confidence taken against Azmin when the State Assembly convened in November. For more, see TMI’s Dr Mahathir supports Azmin as Selangor menteri besar.

The Star Online in fact reported Dr Mahathir expressing his hope that the state assembly would give Azmin Ali its full support. I hope Azmin did the right thing, and remembered to thank Uncle, wakakaka.

Oh, I assume you all are aware that Dr Mahathir is staunchly UMNO, wakakaka as if we don’t (and still wielding much influence and power in that party), while Azmin Ali is from Pakatan, though I am sure you recall the latter was also from UMNO. Wakakaka.

So who the hell said ‘and never the twain shall meet’? Wakakaka.

Do you also recall Dr Mahathir advising Azmin Ali as the new Selangor MB to stand on his own, and not be influenced by others if he wanted to be a good leader. I hope Azmin did the right thing, and remembered to thank Uncle, wakakaka.

Well, let’s f* whoever said ‘and never the twain shall meet’. Wakakaka.

Do you know that Pak Kadir Jasin has written an article in his blog about Azmin (and picked up by TMI in its Azmin as opposition leader will draw young crowd, says veteran newsman)?

In the article he said if Pakatan appoints Azmin Ali as its new coalition leader to replace Anwar Ibrahim, it will give Pakatan a youthful edge which will stimulate the younger generation to give its support to the coalition – yes you did read me right, the Pakatan coalition, not the BN coalition! Wakakaka.

Then, according to Pak Kadir, Pakatan will pose a threat to the ruling BN because Malaysian youths will give their sympathy and protest votes to Pakatan in the next general election.

Huh? As if they (the youths) haven’t already?

So why is Pak Kadir advising Pakatan to attract the votes of Malaysian youths when that’s already achieved since 2008? Indeed, why is Pak Kadir even advising Pakatan, full stop?!

Oh, I assume you all are aware that Pak Kadir Jasin is the former group editor-in-chief of Umno-linked New Straits Times, a quite influential player in UMNO politics, a very close confidante of Dr Mahathir, reputed at times to be Dr Mahathir’s ‘other’ public voice, and currently a harsh critic of PM Najib, most certainly like Dr Mahathir, wakakaka.

Yes, why is Pak Kadir, an über UMNO voice, advising Pakatan to make Azmin Ali the new leader of the coalition so as to enhance the attraction of Pakatan to young voters in order to give UMNO a jolly good bashing …….. if we can remember that Pak Kadir is UMNO true and blue while Azmin Ali is PKR – but I wonder whether I ought to remind you all that the latter was from UMNO. Wakakaka.

Blast that bloody Pom and his bullshit ‘and never the twain shall meet’, wakakaka.

Dearie dearie me, Rudyard you’ve been a bloody loser with your Ballad of East and West: