Cancel Kidex now, Selangor PKR MP tells Azmin

Hee Loy Sian

(Malay Mail Online) – Petaling Jaya Selatan PKR lawmaker Hee Loy Sian is calling on Selangor Mentri Besar Azmin Ali to cancel the controversial Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex) project immediately following its alleged failure to be transparent.

Hee said there was no point in negotiating with the concessionaire anymore as it had failed to comply with the three conditions set by the Selangor government, despite already breaching a few deadlines.

“KIDEX Sdn Bhd has already been given an extension by the Works Ministry, which will expire on February 15 (Sunday).

“Whether a new extension is granted is irrelevant if KIDEX Sdn Bhd is refusing to be fully accountable and transparent to the Selangor public,” Hee said in a statement.

The Petaling Jaya Selatan said before the February 15 deadline, Kidex is to disclose the project’s independent Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) report, a Social Impact Assessment Report (SIA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report.

He said the reports are crucial to determining if the residents and users are the ultimate beneficiaries of the project, after factoring in the negatives deriving from the construction of the highway.

Hee added that Kidex has yet to reveal the proposed toll rates, including any future toll hikes and the total rate of return of investment deriving from the project, as well as a public disclosure of the concession agreement.

The PKR leader then reminded Azmin that the independent consultant, MDS Traffic Planners and Consultants, which was commissioned by the PJ City Council (MBPJ), had already given a negative review of the project.

“Reasons given include the highway alignment crossing through the city centre, something which no developed city in the world would even consider; the poorly done Traffic and Social Impact Assessment; and the failure to respond to the concerns of the PJ residents,” he said.

Hee pointed out that Kidex had also failed to organise a full public hearing to gain input from the public, which it promised to do recently amid protest from residents.

“I’ve gotten numerous feedback from both businesses and residents from Petaling Jaya, who had expressed deep reservations regarding their property and livelihood due to Kidex.

“I hereby appeal to MB Azmin Ali to cancel the Kidex project,” the Petaling Jaya Selatan MP said.