Only 100-150 Anwar supporters at solidarity gathering

Sg Buloh Prison

(Bernama) – There were only about 100-150 supporters of Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim present at a solidarity gathering held outside the Sungai Buloh Prison near here.

Apart from Anwar’s children, Nurul Nuha and Mohd Ihsan, the gathering was also attended by Member of Parliament for Batu, Tian Chua, Hulu Langat MP Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) information chief Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh.

Several supporters were seen holding candles and shouting ‘Reformasi’ and ‘Hidup Rakyat’.

Some 30 security personnel had been assigned to control the situation.

It was reported that PKR would hold a nightly vigil starting tonight following the Federal Court’s judgement which found Anwar guilty of sodomising a former aide and maintained a five-year prison sentence imposed on him.

Yesterday, the Federal Court found Anwar, who is also PKR advisor and Permatang Pauh Member of Parliament, guilty of sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan and upheld the five-year sentence imposed by the Court of Appeal earlier.