How does Anwar lead PKR from prison? Easy. (Last Epitaph)

umar mukhtar

Umar Mukhtar

So Anwar will not be bothering us for the next five years. Thank God! But let’s not rejoice at others’ misfortune, for they too have innocent family who suffer vicariously. Only that, one cannot help give a long sigh of relief that one’s children and grandchildren are safe from the hypocritical leadership that stinks to high heaven. They deserve better.

Won’t he really bother us again? Word has it he was no ordinary jailbird the last time round. No prison food and prison dining hall for him. Fresh home-cooked food was brought in daily and eaten at the lawyer’s discussion room. Hence his lawyers visited him every day to facilitate this special dining arrangement.

He had a cushy prison job, becoming of a VIP convict, working in the prison dispensary — except that he had a say of which young man was chosen among the other convicts to be his assistants. The dispensary toilet has no CCTV. How convenient!

Later at night, at around 9pm, when everything was quiet in the prison, being in a single cell, he worked the hand phone given to him. Calling party leaders and giving out instructions. That’s how he led while in prison. One wonders how the hell he had access to a hand phone. The wardens didn’t know?

Maybe it was an agreed arrangement with the powers that be. You know, I scratch your back, and you scratch mine when it is my turn to be jailed? God knows. Stranger things have happened. Bottom-line is, things are different for the masses that supported him, screaming for social justice while he enjoyed elitist treatment.

For those of us who had dropped everything in our lives to answer his call for social justice, and for truth to prevail, only to find out even before the courts, that his personal ambitions and sexual indiscretions had weakened the good fight, it was a fitting good-bye. The Rakyat will prevail without him come PRU14.

Today as I watched him being led away to prison, my old rocker self couldn’t help humming the old rock tune, “excuse me, while I kiss the sky”. Muah! Muah!

Good riddance…….