Najib must go, says Ariff Sabri’s oracle


‘Interests of the country override everything else’

(Free Malaysia Today) – Malaysia does not need Najib Abdul Razak to continue as Prime Minister, according to a prominent person, most likely former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, speaking to Raub MP Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz.

“Najib is dispensable,” he says. “The interests of the country override everything else.”

Ariff featured the interview in a recent blog posting. He didn’t mention Daim by name, but referred to the “Oracle of Syed Putra”, a term he has used many times in the past to describe his mysterious contact with insight into Malaysian politics and finance. He dropped enough hints for the reader to conclude it could be no other person.

They spoke about tycoon Ananda Krishnan’s offer of a RM2 billion loan to 1MDB.

“All the Malays shouting at the sidelines have suddenly grown quiet,” said Daim. “Banks owned by the government and the company owned by the government are borrowing money from an individual, a Ceylonese. The Malay wiras should be ashamed. 1MDB might as well have borrowed from a chettiar.”

Referring to 1MDB’s claim that it had brought home money parked in the Cayman Islands, he said, “We don’t actually know whether the money has actually been transferred. It should be in the system. Otherwise, RHB and Maybank have to make provisions for a non-performing loan.

“Or they must do like any prudent bank would do – foreclose. Seize some of the assets and properties belonging to 1MDB. They have plenty. Sell off one or two to get the money back. Show no mercy to this RM1 million paid up capital (company) that has run up a debt of RM42 billion.

“It’s a shame; a government has to borrow money from an individual. Don’t people see the implications of all this? Ananda can buy off the entire leadership of Malaysia. We still want to keep this kind of leadership?

“We must save this country. The interests of the country override everything else. Najib is dispensable.”