As Anwar decision looms, Pakatan kicks hudud, third vote can down the road

Pakatan Breakup

(Malay Mail Online) – Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders avoided deliberating on key issues plaguing their respective party leaderships in today’s presidential council meeting, choosing instead to reschedule the thorny discussion to a later date, pending Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II case on Tuesday.

PR de facto leader Anwar told a press conference that the federal opposition pact’s presidential council will convene another meeting after the Federal Court issues its verdict, which could see the leader sent to prison.

“All three parties expressed their commitment to Pakatan Rakyat’s struggle, as per the Pakatan Rakyat common platform,” said Anwar after the hour-long meeting by the PR presidential council.

The PKR de facto leader added that PR also decided to hold a “special meeting” to resolve the hudud and local council election issues, which have seen public spats between the DAP and PAS.

The “special meeting” comes even as Kelantan reportedly plans to table private members’ bills on the Islamic penal code in Parliament next month.