We are third-generation settlers, not outsiders, Datum Jelatek protesters claim

datum jelatek

(Malay Mail Online) – Participants of a recent protest against the Datum Jelatek luxury condominium project today denied allegations that they were outsiders, and claimed to be third-generation settlers from Taman Keramat.

The group’s spokesman, Salleh Majid, accused the Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) and the state government of being opaque about the project, and pointed out that Mentri Besar Azmin Ali has yet to meet them over the matter.

“We want to tell them that we are ‘anak Keramat’, third-generations settlers, and not outsiders.

“We can confirm through testimonies from the village elders that we are locals and not strangers,” Salleh told Malay Mail Online when contacted.

Last week, a group of 15 Malay residents from Taman Keramat condemned the protest against the construction of a luxury condominium in their neighbourhood, even claiming that most of those who participated were “strangers”.

At a joint press conference with Datumcorp International, the company behind the condominium project, the residents said they were ashamed that the protest turned racial and insisted that the few who turned up did not represent the views of the over 500 residents of Taman Keramat.

“This is most definitely untrue,” Salleh said today.

He said that Azmin should take full responsibility for the backlash over the controversial project as he heads PKNS.

“He (Azmin) is chairman. Come down and be transparent. Explain this project, don’t hide things from the locals here,” the spokesman added.

The Datum Jelatek project to be built on a 2.2 hectares piece of land was previously said to be a redevelopment of the low-cost housing area in Jalan Jelatek after all the residents, who were mostly Malays, have been moved out and given a small compensation.

However, the project was said to have “changed” into a proposal to develop four exclusive buildings comprising offices, a hotel and a shopping centre targeted at the high-income group and corporate sector.

Last month, a group of individuals claiming to represent Taman Keramat folk marched to the Datum Jelatek construction site and violently tore down its cladding, citing their fear that their Malay-majority city neighbourhood may soon be overrun by the ethnic Chinese.

The group had warned of “bloodshed” last November if the luxury condo project, which sits on the former site of four blocks of PKNS flats owned mostly by Malays, goes ahead.