Umno division sees red over Christian material found in flood victims’ aid, says report

Isa Al-Masih

(The Malaysian Insider) – An Umno Youth division in Kelantan has lodged a police report over the discovery of Christian material found among aid given to flood victims from Kampung Slow Machang in the east coast state, Utusan Malaysia has reported.

The Pasir Mas Umno Youth said the material, consisting of two books with comics in Bahasa Malaysia, were included in bags of aid given to the villagers.

Its chief Noor Azmawi Abd Rahman said the group lodged a police report over the matter to enable authorities to investigate the distribution of the material to villagers.

“I, along with other local non-governmental organisations (NGO), made reports at the Pasir Mas district police headquarters about two books.

“On that matter, I urge the police to carry out thorough investigations and find the real culprit.

“Not only that, we also want to know the real reason behind the distribution of the Christian books to Muslims,” he was quoted as saying by Utusan Malaysia.

The Umno-owned daily today reported that the villagers of Kampung Slow Machang were shocked upon finding the books distributed together with the aid, which was believed to have been given by an NGO last month.

“Both Malay-language books are in comic form and are titled ‘Isa Al-Masih Kalimatullah’ and ‘Kisah Tentang Yesus Kristus’.”

The daily said both books were discovered by the Federal Village Security and Development Committees (JKKKP) chairman Suhaimi Mustafa after he opened the plastic bag containing the aid, which included food and basic goods.


Pasir Mas