PART 3: Tong Kooi Ong the Malaysian Economic Hitman

Tong Kooi Ong

Malaysian Expose

This post will serve to show the real truth from the spin and excerpts from “Malaysian Economic Hitman” Tong Kooi Ong’s statement made on The Malaysian Insider at

Malaysian Economic Hitman Tong Kooi Ong is attempting to divert from the real issues in question affecting everyday Malaysians by manipulating The Edge Media Group to report ultra negative and biased news for his personal gain and loss for millions of Malaysians!!!

The real issues affecting Malaysians are:

  1. Is “Malaysia Economic Hitman” Tong Kooi Ong shorting the RM for his personal gain? His USD1b or more position before considering his multi billion hedge fund friendlies. For more information on shorting see previous expose (
  2. Is “Malaysia Economic Hitman” Tong Kooi Ong using media empire, The Edge Group to purposely write negative news to drive all investors out of Malaysia, create negative sentiment in Malaysia, cause the RM to drop, and allowing him to make a handsome profit while committing treason to the Malaysian public and making all Malaysians suffer?

Excerpt 1
“The blog also accused me of using The Edge Media Group to irresponsibly paint Malaysia in a negative light for my personal benefit. I have already vehemently and absolutely 
denied that I have ever shorted the ringgit. I do not think it is even possible. I have also never shorted equities. How can I possibly gain from painting Malaysia in a negative light? News media communicates with society by presenting facts, analyses and commentaries on important matters happening around them. Sometimes, they are positive and critical, and other times, they are not. We believe readers want all the facts and views, and they are smart and savvy enough to make up their own minds using the information given to them. We doubt that they can be manipulated.

Over the past 20 years, The Edge has contributed positively to the country by promoting social and economic inclusion. It has the highest level of editorial credibility and it is successful because of this. Our views and reporting are done in the open.” – Excerpt from Tong’s statement on TMI


By purposely publishing damaging articles on the Malaysia Economy and portraying a doomsday sentiment, Tong Kooi Ong manipulating public sentiment for his personal gain.

Below are headlines from The Edge Media Group that Tong Kooi Ong considers “positive”? What you see is what you actually get below! Tong is lying outright!



Speculators like Tong would make money off the falling ringgit due to media created perception of the doom like economical state of Malaysia. Tong would kill two birds with one stone. He would get his revenge and make lots of money of it.

The expertise

Let us not forget that Tong Kooi Ong built Phileo Allied Bank (Malaysia) Berhad with the help of “his political master and boss” before selling it to Maybank (who was forced to buy) at an ultra inflated price of RM1.3 Billion in cash with a further RM20 million being paid for excluded subsidiaries. The sale and purchase agreement was officiated on the 30th August 2000.


With the experience of building a bank and strong financial connections to his “political boss”, Tong has access to international prime brokers & hedge funds from the 1990s who would join in the golden opportunity of shorting the Ringgit like they did previously to profit.

It would be easy to syndicate massive funding to short the ringgit. A combination of Tong’s and his friendlies’ access to funds and leverage could crash the RM if carried out in a coordinated manner.

Tong acting alone with US1b plus would not be able to crash the ringgit but by working in concert with his international and local friendlies to syndicate multi-billion leveraged facilities, this would be possible as per 1990s. Take note that Soros did not act alone, it was a coordinated effort by multiple fund holders and when enough chips in the armor were made, the market followed. This time is even worse than Tun Mahathir days as Tong is openly using The Edge Media Group to commit “Economic Kill Bill” against Malaysia.

He sits on the board of 8 local and foreign companies. Documents, conservation logs of Tong and his brokers will be revealed. We thank you the brave Malaysians working at a foreign based bank whom provided this information.

We will reveal soon the links that these companies have to funding other websites and bloggers to write negatively about the Malaysian Economy. It will also reveal his money laundering activities for his “previous boss”. Stay tuned for episode 3 as the saga continues.

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