Lim takes blogger to court for ‘dastardly lies’

Syed Akhbar

‘He insinuated that I’m a communist and racist who caused the May 13 riots.’

(Free Malaysia Today) – DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang has instructed his lawyers to institute criminal and civil proceedings against a pro-Umno blogger, Syed Akhbar Ali (pic), over a tweet that allegedly defamed him by insinuating that he was a communist and an anti-Malay racist who caused the May 13 race riots in 1969.

The tweet appeared last night, Lim said in a press statement today. The statement did not say whether he would first send Syed Akhbar a letter of demand.

“Syed Akhbar’s tweet carried a graphic of me in the garb of Mao Tse Tung,” fumed Lim, who is the MP for Gelang Patah.

“It alleged that I am ‘Bapa 13 Mei’, and accused me of having caused the May 13 race riots in 1969.”

He said the graphic was captioned with the words “Melayu keluar! Apa lagi duduk sini, kita hentam lu, sekarang kita sudah ada kuasa – Lim Kit Siang (Bapa 13 Mei).” The offending words can be translated as follows: “Malays get out. Why stay here any longer. We will whack you. We have power now.”

The graphic in Syed Akbar’s tweet, added Lim, alleged that he made offensive statements in several places and on specific dates.

According to the tweet, Lim purportedly used such slogans as Malai-Si (Die Malays); Apa polis boleh buat, kita Raja. Buang sama polis Melayu (What can the police do, we are now King. Get rid of the Malay police); Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masuk hutan (Die Malays, slaves go into the jungle); KL sekarang Cina punya (KL now belongs to the Chinese); Melayu balik kampung, Melayu sekarang tiada kuasa. Sekarang kita Cina sudah control (Malays go back to the kampung. Malays now have no power. We Chinese are now in control); Semua Melayu kasi habis, kasi halau semua polis (All Malays are finished. Chase out the police).