PAS members told to back Hadi against DAP


An Ulama Council official says DAP’s recent behaviour is disturbing.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A PAS official has described DAP’s recent behaviour in its relationship with the Islamist party as a disturbing development.

According to an Utusan Malaysia report, PAS Ulama Council Information Chief Khairuddin Aman Razali expressed his worries over the DAP’s attitude in the context of its incessant questioning of PAS’ struggle in the name of Islam.

Khairuddin referred to DAP’s open questioning of Abdul Hadi Awang’s authority and called on PAS members to rally around the party president, saying it was their Islamic duty to do so.

He also pointed out that DAP tried to give the impression that Kelantan had no effective government during the recent flood crisis, thus insulting the 25-year PAS-led government.

He told party members not to stray from the Islamic struggle even as they cooperate with DAP and PKR in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.

“It is the duty of PAS members to ensure that as the party carries on the political cooperation with DAP and PKR, it does not go astray to the point of blurring the Islamic struggle and accepting a capitalist economy based on usury,” Utusan quoted him as saying.