Leaked chat logs indicate Tong Kooi Ong owned media used market manipulation. More to come.


Leaked chat log reveals Tong Kooi Ong discussing Malaysian politics and the implications moving forward with a member of his “make Malaysia an economic disaster” team.

Malaysian Expose

It appears that Tong Kooi Ong believes he is a political mastermind who can manipulate the “Old man” (Tun Mahathir) to be used in his efforts to destroy Malaysian economy for his own multi-billion profiting Soros style attack.

Market manipulation is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operation of the market and create artificial, false or misleading appearances with respect to the price of, or market for, a security, commodity or currency.

Screenshots of Edge controlled print media reveal how Tong Kooi Ong uses The Edge Media group to irresponsibly paint Malaysia in a negative light for his own personal profit.


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