Is there terrorism danger that we need to be aware of?


While I do respect his office and his authority, I do find the IGP’s response wanting.

Hazlan Zakaria, The Ant Daily

While not quite the same to the popular “Just do it” tagline of sports apparel brand Nike, Malaysian authorities have a similar thing to say about terror warnings issued by a foreign company to its Malaysian-based staff.

“Just ignore it,” said IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar according to a Malay Mail Online news report.

He was replying to the queries by the online daily on a terror alert reportedly issued by Dutch airline KLM to its staff here to be wary, avoid public spaces frequented by foreigners and stop commenting on terror activities.

The Jan 26 advisory from KLM’s Security Services cited confirmation from Malaysian enforcement authorities on a potential terror attack in the country.

The internet news site also quoted Khalid curtly saying that the matter has been addressed by the Home Ministry, though he did not elaborate nor give any details.

While I do respect his office and his authority, I do find the IGP’s response wanting.

It is unseemly perhaps for the men ultimately responsible for the agency that is supposed to keep and maintain the peace in Malaysia, to act in such abrupt manner in what is a crucial matter.

First and foremost as the person in whose office the public safety buck stops, he should be more circumspect.

Even if he wanted to dismiss the threat as not a matter to be alarmed about, he could have done so with assurances.

And indeed by explaining if warnings to KLM were just normal precautions to foreign flag carriers as they are potential political targets.

And if the threat is indeed credible, then he should have taken the time and opportunity to inform the public as well, not act as if nothing is amiss.

Especially so, since of late there has been a rash of reports on arms and munitions like anti-tank weaponry having been removed from armories or weaponry found.

Case in point, the explosion in Gurun, Kedah caused by stolen anti-tank weapons and the firearms, ammunition and grenades found in what was previously a drug gang hideout in Penang.

Is there danger that we need to be aware of my dear honourable IGP?

With the government practically trying to scare Malaysians into accepting new incarnations of repealed draconian laws using the bogeyman of IS terror threats, one wonders if it is true or just their sandiwara, so to speak.

On one hand they regale us with the tales of terrorists walking freely in Malaysia that we need these new laws, and yet they fail to tell us if there is need to issues alerts like KLM did.

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